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Develop your workforce through Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes designed around your needs, as an employer, which can lead to nationally recognised qualifications for your employees. They can also help support your employees with essential literacy, numeracy and IT skills.

We can help educate employers on how to invest your Levy and the funding that is available – we’ll break it down to help you minimise the risk and maximise the benefits for your business.

An Apprenticeship also means:

  • Motivated and engaged employees

  • Employees who are supported and developed in their roles

  • A higher quality of work

  • Reduced training costs

  • Greater employee retention

Our Apprenticeships

We work with and build relationships with different sized employers across many different sectors such as customer service, business administration, retail and management – ensuring we understand their needs and tailor our services appropriately.

Employers will be supported using a consultative approach to find the best training solutions for businesses regardless of size and ambition.

Apprenticeship workshop

We know that one size doesn't fit all

We can work together to help find the right Apprenticeship solution for your business, whether that means starting at the foundations and helping you to support and guide new talent or upskilling and re-energising your existing employees.

Find out more about our team of sector experts, who can help you to build their experience and progress their career within your organisation, we can find you the right fit.

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What Apprenticeships do we deliver?

We currently deliver the following Apprenticeship Standards:

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Important policies

We have a number of policies in place for our Apprenticeships and skills provision, which outline the responsibilities both Working Links and employers have across a number of important topics. 

The value of mentoring

In celebration of National Mentoring Day on Saturday 27 October 2018, Dan Cook, Head of Key Accounts for Apprenticeships, talks to us about the added value of mentoring and how it can transform your workforce.