Case study

James Drysdale



James cared for his ill wife

That experience and our support helped him to get on with his life



James' life had lost direction after his wife Angela died

His confidence was shattered. Watch his amazing story

After caring for his wife as she battled bravely against cancer, James Drysdale could not think about returning to work following her death.

James, 59, of Dumfries, admitted his life had lost direction and that his confidence was shattered after his wife Angela died in 2010.

But little did he know that the work he’d been undertaking as a carer for his wife over the last six years of her life would be seen by employers as an in-demand skill.

James had worked in the hospitality industry all of his working life, living and working in Austria, the Central African Republic, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Burma and Germany – where he met his Austrian wife.

But after Angela developed health problems, the couple returned to James’ homeland in 2007 and, after Angela was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer in 2008, James stopped work immediately to be his wife’s full-time carer.

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