Delivering specialist services

To help people

around the world

We have a full range of products and services

That are designed to support governments to reduce unemployment

We work with both jobseekers and employers

to tailor our services for maximum impact


We’ve been operating internationally since 2006, providing specialist services and innovative solutions to overseas governments looking to learn from best-in-practice UK systems.

As a consultant or contractor, we have worked with governments in Singapore, Chile, Poland, France, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, China and the United Arab Emirates as they look to learn from UK models of public service delivery.

What we have delivered:

Saudi Arabia: We provided consultancy services to the Saudi government and organisations responsible for scoping, designing, mobilising and launching projects with a long lasting economic impact.

Kuwait: We designed and delivered management development training for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour.

We recognise the strength of working together with local organisations to deliver results to those seeking international partnerships with governments, their agencies and other organisations to deliver our specialist expertise to reach as many people as possible.

Our robust programme management systems and controls guarantee consistent high quality delivery.

Providing employment solutions around the world

Self employment

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