Corporate responsibility

Comprehensive corporate

responsibility strategy

As a values-driven organisation

Corporate responsibility sits at the heart of everything we do

Socially driven, commercially sound,

environmentally responsible


Over the years, we have increased the positive impact we have on the communities we serve, far beyond our original remit.

Effecting social change is one of our key aims.

We feel we not only have a responsibility to society, but also a commitment to our core areas of environment, business responsibility, the community, our people and our customers.

We have implemented and established a comprehensive customer service strategy to ensure all aspects of our operations work for, and with, our customers at every stage of their engagement with us.

Socially driven, commercially sound, environmentally responsible

Tom's case study

Thomas Heaphy

Thomas, originally from London, was stuck in a rut – committing crime to fulfil his drug habit and in and out of prison on a regular basis.

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James Drysdale

James, 59, from Dumfries, said his life had lost direction and that his confidence was at an all-time low after his wife Angela died in 2010.

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