Early intervention

Improving lives through employment,

training and skills development

Our work inspires us

We try to help as many people as possible lead positive lives

Prevention is cheaper than the cure

It's also better for the individual concerned


Since Working Links was formed, it’s been our job to pick people up from the lows that they have encountered. From depression. From substance misuse. From years of unemployment. From prison.

What we currently deliver:


We deliver practical training, employability and personal development courses to young people aged 11 to 19, giving them the opportunity to gain an accredited or non-accredited qualification in a variety of industries and subjects.

But we’ve also seen the highs that people can get from getting back on their feet. Becoming healthy again, getting drug-free, finding sustainable work and turning their back on lives of crime.

Our work has inspired us to try and make sure as many people as possible don’t fall into the lows and can lead healthy, positive lifestyles instead. We work with people aged 11 upwards, helping them to maximise their potential and reduce the demand on taxpayer-funded services further down the line.

As well as being able to support with addressing behavioural challenges such as alcohol and substance misuse, the programme is designed to increase motivation and confidence with the end goal of preparing the young people for the world of work.

Training in a workshop

We work with people aged 11 upwards, helping them to maximise their full potential

Kieran O’Flaherty

Kieran O’Flaherty

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