Improve your health and wellbeing

Feeling good about yourself

can unlock your full potential

Self-help therapy is easy and convenient to use

you can do it in your own time, when it suits you

Health and wellbeing

How you feel has a big part to play in maximising your potential. We’ve teamed up with a series of health professionals to offer online self-help therapy.

Self-help therapy may not be the complete answer to specific problems but they can be really helpful while you’re on the waiting list for help.

Online self-help therapy has some advantages over professional face-to-face counselling. It’s easy and convenient to use as you can do it in your own time, when it suits you.

We have a mental wellbeing quiz, designed to guide you to useful resources that can help you better understand how you feel. There are also lots of online short courses, information, advice and guidance and links to specialist providers. Some of the topics covered include:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • confidence
  • sleeping problems

exercise class

There are lots of resources on the Moodzone website

Ben Gleeson

Ben Gleeson, of Cardiff, was on track for a career before he was forced to drop out of university following mental health issues.

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Anita Widdison

Worksop woman Anita is currently being helped by Working Links’ partners Framework, delivering our ESF Family Support project in Nottinghamshire.

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