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Communities get their payback

Groups of offenders paying back for the crimes they have committed have contributed almost 700,000 hours of service to their local communities in the south west and Wales this year.
People completing Community Payback activity through Working Links’ Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) as part of their sentencing have collectively done 691,000 hours of service to their local area in 2017.
Working Links owns and manages three CRCs in Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire (BGSW), (DDC) and Wales. The CRCs work with local organisations to complete often very manual tasks to breathe life into buildings, community areas and street scenes.
Tasks range from cleaning graffiti from walls and picking up litter to creating new garden spaces and renovating buildings. Individuals, rather than groups, also pay back through working in charity shops.
Community Payback provides a tough, effective and visible punishment and deterrent, requiring people to undertake challenging work while giving some tangible value back to communities that suffer as a result of crime.
It also provides an opportunity for people to turn their experience into a positive one by picking up new skills that can help them towards paid employment and leading more stable, positive and crime-free lives.

Projects must always benefit the local community, be challenging and be worthwhile. To nominate a project, visit our CRC websites., and
Community payback

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