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One of our customers is well on the way to a career

One of our customers on our new ESF contract in Leicestershire is well on the way to a career after landing his first interview in eight years.

Shoaib Narma has some learning difficulties and has been on benefits since he left full time education in 2003. He has been on various employability programmes since this time, but has struggled to secure an interview.

Shoaib’s has only ever had one interview, for a call centre job in 2009, however his experience was not pleasant. Despite completing many work placements he has not been able to secure paid work which has impacted his confidence hugely.

In 2016 Shoaib was referred to the Links to Work programme in Leicester and since this time he has had his hope of finding work restored. He has worked closely with the Links to Work team, including Duncan Bell, Engagement Consultant, who has worked with him to develop an action plan to help rebuild his confidence.

Along with working on his CV to include his previous voluntary experience, Shoaib has worked with Dan Middler, Employment Consultant, to identify and source job opportunities that fit with his career goals.
This hard work has paid off seeing Shoaib secure his second ever interview for a cleaning position at the National Space Centre in Leicester.

The team worked closesly with him to prepare for the interview and help Shoaib tackle his nerves. Following his interview he visited the office to tell the team all about it. The sense of achievement was clear to see and although Shoaib was unsuccessful on this occasion it has left him feeling much more confident about the future.

Duncan said ‘I’ve been very impressed with Shoaib and how the interviewer has recognised his talent. He’s proved himself very capable and it’s great to see his confidence back. I look forward to continuing to work with Shoaib and hopefully we will be able to secure his first job offer’.

We look forward to following Shoaib’s journey and hope that he finds a job that is right for him soon!

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