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Our track record speaks for itself

On average, we help around 17,000 people into work each year

Whilst unemployment is harmful to our health, being in work can be very good for us, despite beliefs held by some that illness and work are incompatible.

Our health and wellbeing service bridges that health and employment gap, creating positive attitudes towards work and supporting those with long term health issues into sustainable employment.

Launched in 2015, it has resulted in improved health outcomes, positive customer feedback and better employment outcomes in North East England, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Wiltshire, Dorset and Northamptonshire on our Links to Work programme. And East and South West Scotland on our StartScotland programme.

We promote the value of good work in managing health. Fully integrating our health and wellbeing, our employability and partner support services accelerates progression in managing health, helps each individual on their path towards work and provides support once in work.
Our fully qualified and registered health professionals, counsellors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and dietitians help others to cope better. A first meeting between the individual, health and employment advisors results in a joined up health and employment action plan, making sure each person’s needs and personal circumstances are central to the plan. An assessment, taking in to account the whole person, identifies the most appropriate support. This assessment follows clinical governance guidelines with regards to quality, record keeping and confidentiality.
We help with confidence, motivation and lifestyle, mental and physical health through workshops such as managing anxiety, coping with symptoms of pain, sleep and routine, emotional resilience, managing interview nerves or disclosing your health condition. Weekly walking, relaxation and exercise groups provide social inclusion opportunities to develop positive routines and get more involved.
We help employers to become more inclusive when recruiting, encouraging positive changes to policies, identifying reasonable adjustments and supporting businesses to become Disability Confident.
Health and wellbeing

We believe work is the best route out of poverty

Robyn's case study

Robyn Teague

After wanting to get her life back on track, Robyn was teamed up with personal consultant Abbie Clift who guided her through the process of moving away from benefits and into employment.

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Ben Gleeson

Ben Gleeson, of Cardiff, was on track for a career before he was forced to drop out of university following mental health issues.

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