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Develop your skills with Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are accredited work-based training programmes designed around your needs, which can lead to nationally recognised qualifications. They can also help support you with essential literacy, numeracy and IT skills.

We’ll make sure you get the training that you need and create an individual learning plan. You will receive ongoing support while you’re on your Apprenticeship, including in-work support. Your trainer will be available by phone or email should you need them and we will schedule formal face to face reviews. We will also make sure you achieve the right skills, including Maths and English, to provide you with the best opportunities for the future.


We have a dedicated team of people who will support you to find the right Apprenticeship. They will explore your career aims with you and look at previous experience or transferable skills that can be used. 
We will help you decide what you want to do and support you to find the right employer. Your employer will train you and support you on your Apprenticeship programme, to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and experiences to progress you in your career. 

Your journey

Anyone can apply to complete an Apprenticeship. As an apprentice, you will be supported by a qualified trainer who has knowledge of the industry sector that you chose and will talk you through the options to help you find the best solution. The duration of an Apprenticeship can vary depending on the level and your personal requirements, although the minimum duration for any programme is 12 months. You’ll get a high quality training experience and your learning journey with us will be made up of different aspects, so you and your employer can get the most out of your Apprenticeship and you get the skills, knowledge and experiences you need to succeed in your future career.
Apprenticeship journey flowchart

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What Apprenticeships do we deliver?

We currently deliver the following Apprenticeship Standards:

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Important policies

We have a number of policies in place for our Apprenticeships and skills provision, which outline the responsibilities both Working Links and employers have across a number of important topics. 

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