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As a Working Links partner, you will have access to all the benefits this network brings.

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We know we can’t work alone to do the work we do. We work with dozens of public, private and voluntary organisations, encouraging excellence throughout our supply chain.


Around half of our services are delivered through our partners. This reflects the diverse nature of our business. Providing exceptional local knowledge and tailored experiences, our partners share our values, ethos and best practice, and they work with us to deliver our ambitions of social inclusion and economic prosperity.


With a healthy supplier base that drives towards competition and mutually beneficial commercial arrangements, we have the flexibility to deal with risk.


Risk management demands a culture of openness and transparency, where risks can be identified and managed appropriately. By ensuring effective communication and performance monitoring, we’re consistently mitigating risk throughout our supply chain.


Working Links is one of the few providers to be accredited with the highest Merlin Standard rating of ‘excellent’. This sets out a standard of behaviour designed to encourage excellence in supply chain management.


We have a rigorous selection process to determine the most appropriate organisations to help us support customers into the desired outcomes. Working with around 500 partners, we’ve created a flexible, dynamic and robust supply chain that we know is capable of meeting the changing needs of the labour market and the individual customer.


We work closely with more than 150 different voluntary organisations – we can learn a great deal from charities and voluntary organisations that work in the heart of our communities. A further 50 organisations are end to end providers, delivering the full service model to our customers. Our specialist partners provide key local, national and regional specialists delivering targeted resources to people with complex needs.


As well as providing a seamless service to support customers, collaborating with key partners is critical for us because it helps us to drive service excellence – giving industry leading innovation and exceptional benefits to the individual, their community and wider society.


If you would like to work with us in the future please complete our Expression of interest form and email it to workwithus@workinglinks.co.uk.