Choose a Course or Education in Healthcare:

Activity coach (9)
Pharmacist assistant (11)
Supervisor Specific Target Group (5)
(Cognitive) behavioral therapy (14)
Dementia (63)
Diagnose (50)
Vet Assistant (3)
Doctor’s assistant (12)
First Aid (118)
Childminder (3)
Specialized Nurturing Psychogeriatry (5)
Family Coach (10)
Healthcare (81)
Mental Health Care (47)
Helping Plus (5)
Youth care (89)
Hairdresser (16)
Child Coach (20)
Child Therapist (17)
Maternity care (14)
Administer medication (26)
Basic medical knowledge (19)
Medical Secretary (16)
Mental coach (7)
Mentorship (18)
Eldercare (32)
Palliative Care (22)
Practitioner assistant GP (8)
Professional Organizer (7)
Psychiatry (106)
Psychology (155)
Beautician (30)
Debt counseling (81)
Social domain (34)
(Social) Pedagogical Employee (4)
Social Psychiatric Nursing (4)
Social skills (13)
Death counseling (4)
Ostomy / Catheterization (12)
Dentistry (22)
Applied Psychology (22)
Nursing (209)
Nursing procedures (14)
Caring IG (15)
Well-being (292)
District Nursing (7)
Wound care (6)
Care and Welfare (305)
Care Management (153)

Healthcare is one of the largest branches. It is logical that this has positive consequences for the number of education and training in healthcare and / or care. But how do you find the training course that suits you best?

We have bundled all recognized providers of training and courses in the healthcare sector here. From middle management courses to higher management courses for Healthcare. Simply use the menu below to quickly discover who provides which route.

What is health care?

Healthcare in a particular country is the set of activities aimed at improving the health of the people in that country. Health care includes not only research and knowledge of health, but also the application of this knowledge to increase people’s health, prevent or cure diseases (preventive health care) and improve physical and psychological functioning. Scientific building blocks provide biology, chemistry, physics and various social sciences (for example, medical sociology and psychology). Because health care is concerned with human life, there are various issues in the field of medical ethics such as privacy, restriction of freedom, abortion, euthanasia, cloning and genetic engineering.