Human Resources

HR interview

Human Resources (HR) courses and traingen:

Assessment (82)
Basic training consultant (13)
Burnout (81)
Performance & Assessment Interviews (93)
Human Resource Management (223)
Job Coach (3)
Career Advisor (13)
Career Coaching (73)
Onboarding (16)
Works Council (OR) (500)
Works Council (OR) Basic (42)
Interviewing basis (1)
Personnel adviser (8)
Personnel Management (151)
Human Resources (86)
P&O / P&A (Personnel & Organization / People & Analytics (134)
Recruitment (74)
Bad news conversations (23)
Apply (100)
Confidential Advisor (60)
Absenteeism (96)
Happiness (46)
Recruitment & Selection (54)

Personnel policy is part of the organizational policy, namely the part that directly relates to the personnel. Personnel policy is the set of measures aimed at labor that helps to achieve the organizational objectives.

Other terms used for personnel policy are personnel management and human resource (s) management, although the latter is actually a completely different concept. The term personnel and organizational policy is also used.

Areas of interest

Areas of concern for personnel policy include:

  • Inflow of personnel (recruitment and selection)
  • Outflow of personnel (dismissal)
  • Job management (job descriptions, job rating)
  • Staff development (including performance appraisals, staff appraisal, training, competence management)
  • Framework development
  • Remuneration policy and employment conditions policy
  • Working Conditions
  • Absenteeism and health policy